Lehmber Singh Hussainpuri

Lehmber Singh Hussainpuri
Last Release:
Bole So Nihaal


Lehmber Hussainpuri born 17 July 1977 in Punjab, India). He is a popular Bhangra singer in India, UK, USA, and Canada.Hussainpuri first appeared on the mainstream Bhangra scene in 2001 through Mukhtar Sahota on a track titled Sanu Sohni Lagdi. His next song was the renowned Das Ja on the album Hype by DJ Sanj. Hussainpuri then moved onto a collaboration with Dr. Zeus in 2003, on the album Unda The Influence. This album was a success with both traditional and modern Bhangra fans with such hits as Ah Ni Kuria, Mil De Yaar, Mele Vich Jatt and Tin Cheejha. This album drew attention to Hussainpuri and made him the most sought-after singer in the Bhangra industry at the time.[citation needed] He then made other notable tracks including Mela, Gabru Shakeen, Daru, Kich Ke Legeya and notable appearances on the hit DesiRock by Swami. At this point Hussainpuri was singing on other producers’ albums, but still hadn’t released his own solo album.