Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi
Pop, Bhangra, Sufi, Gurbani, Bollywood, Alternative, Fusion
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Daler Mehndi, who inherited a legacy of music from his family, is endowed with versatile power pitched vocals and a dynamic spirit. His innovative & inimitable style of music is responsible for the elevation of Pop Music to a degree of reverence that it commands today.

From his humble folkie yet celebrated debut with ‘Bolo TaRa Ra Ra’ to the glitter & glam of rocking ‘Balle Balle’, from Internet Phenomenon ‘Tunak Tunak’ to the elegance of ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’, from patriotic ‘Rang De Basanti’ to the mysticism of sufi ‘Bismillah’, his music exemplifies the aesthetics. Conferred as ‘Sultan of Swing’, ‘Pasha of Pop’, ‘Sardar of Swing’, ‘The King of Bhangra-Pop’, Mehndi’s route map to musical monarchy is well-trodden.

The ‘Powerhouse Performer’, Mehndi’s high voltage performances, packaged with exquisite choreography and famous hook dance steps, create an atmosphere that is highly contagious.

Always dressed in signature self-designed Maharaja robes, bejewelled turban and jewellery, his snappy fashion and eye-catching oufits have earned him Elle magazine’s “Most Stylish Person in Music” award.

Beyond the exuberant sense of style, the fiery passion for music, is a man who has an arduous zeal for environment, a philanthropist to the core, and deeply spiritual at heart.