8 Reasons that you will be addicted to Diljit Dosanjh’s SNAPCHAT!

In today’s era fans could get almost all the updates of their favorite artists.All thanks to social media.Snapchat is that one app which has now got people addicted to it. So how could the most socially active STAR stay aloof from this. yes we are talking about DILJT DOSANJH and how he made his fans addcited to his snapchat!

We are listing down 8 reasons that you should dollow Diljit Dosanjh on snapchat instantly!

1) He is SUPER DUPER ACTIVE – Diljit is super duper active on snapchat. He pours in plenty of snapchats throughout the day that will keep you entertained!

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (1)

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (2)

2) Refreshing content – Diljit brings up refreshing content on his snapchat. There will not be even a single story that will get you bored!

WhatsApp-Image-20160713 (3)

3) You’ll get instant updates on his whereabouts – If you want to know where he is presently, just look into his stories and you will get to know!


4)LIVE Songs – Didn’t able to make in to DILJIT DOSANJH LIVE? Dn worry,,, he has got all for you in his snapchats. He sings LIVE there!

5) Shopping updates – Diljit is a shopping freak. His snapchat gives us upadtes of his shopping and new itwms being added to his wardrobe!


6) A complete dose of ENTERTAINMENT – He connects to his audience. He knows how to keep his viewers entertained in numerous ways possible. So his snapchat will keep you enteratined in all manners!

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7) A sneak peak into his life – His snapchat stories gives a full view sneak peak inot his life as he updates every single thing he is upto!


8) He is supercool when using filters – Trust us, nobody but Diljit knows hoe to use filters in an attractive way!



9) He uses it himself -Above all, he uses his snapchat all by himself. SO if you see any snapchat, it is all by himself unlike other media accounts!

If you wonder his snapchat id is : thisisdosnajh!

Watch the space for more updates!

4 years ago